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Summer fashion on a budget

Budgeting sucks…we all know it must be done….but it still sucks!

This summer I’ve had to limit my spending and reduce my clothing budget significantly to save money for a few trips coming up.  Even though I’ve reduced my spending for the summer I’ve still managed to find a few fashion gems here and there and still stay within my budget.

Forever 21 is one of my favourite places to shop, they sell everything from clothing to accessories, makeup and skin care. The plus size options are always trending and are reasonably priced.

I recently visited the Forever 21 in Metrotown and found this amazing floral longline kimono for only $33.90!





This kimono is fun, cool, cute and priced right!  I actually found it in the “regular” sized section as I was making my way to the dressing room…the multi-coloured pattern caught my eye forcing me to venture into “the other side” of the store to see what it was…I tried it on and was pleasantly surprised that I could comfortably fit into the large size!

The fabric is a super soft rayon and must be hand washed in cold water then hang dried to prevent shrinking.



I decided to wear the kimono over my Rebdolls Essential White Tank Mini Dress. This bodycon minidress is super cool, it’s made of cotton and has a lot of stretch.  I managed to get this dress while it was on sale for only $13.65! One really great thing about Rebdolls is they always have a lot of great essential basics in just about every colour you can think of AND there always seems to be a sale going on.



Payless Shoes never fails me…I LOVE these strappy wedges! They were on clearance for only $15! They are cute, comfy and will pair well with most of my summer outfits!


I may be on a strict budget this summer but it isn’t going to stop me from enjoying my summer fashionably…if anything it’s challenged me to dig deep for fabulous fashion  while staying on budget….oh and did you notice? I’ve lightened my hair!