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Summer Heat in Addition Elle

Summer has arrived…finally!!! Time to bring out the shades, cute sandals and maxi dresses…black maxi dresses to be exact.

Yes, I know, it’s summer, it’s hot, why on earth would anyone want to wear a black maxi dress on a hot summer afternoon? Because it’s fabulous that’s why! This Michel Studio Crochet Lace Maxi Dress is exactly what I’ve been looking for…simplicity with a bit of an edge!



I knew this dress was going to be a hit when I first saw it at Addition Elle, it’s long, flowy, comfy and features some crochet detail along the lower part of the dress and the upper back.




The fabric is a nylon polyester knit which in my mind translates to comfy…however it will lose its shape, the crochet is super tight and I don’t see it loosening up anytime soon.


I decided to top things off with a cute little flower crown I found at Forever 21.

I’d definitely recommend this dress, it fits well,  it’s cute and it can be worn on hot summer days without feeling overheated, it’s fabulous!