Francesca's Style

Skate parks are for ladies!

The local skate park, it’s usually filled with boys showing off their skills and sliding into what appears to me as near-death falls, but not today…today it’s being taken over by this curvy vixen in some super fab hot pink Torrid jeans!



I’m wearing a regular length size 20, the fit is great and the fabric is stretchy, the only problem is the colour fades after a few washes, not too much, but it does fade.



I decided to stick with all solids and chose my white peplum cotton tank and black blazer  from Addition Elle, I felt super chic in this outfit.



I kept things simple, classic and colourful, didn’t want to have too much going on with my outfit in front of all this amazing graffiti art!

This skatepark is great for photo shoots, check it out, it truly is a hidden gem right in Hastings Street Park.

Photos captured by Jon Pernul