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Spring’in into fashion

Spring where are? The cherry blossoms have finally started blooming but the rain won’t quit! Well luckily for me I’m feeling fresh in my new spring threads from Torrid.

I stopped by Torrid during my recent trip across the border into Bellingham and came across some lovely spring clothing, my favourite piece, the drape twill anorak jacket in tan colour.


This jacket is wonderful! It’s roomy, light, and has pockets! It kind of resembles a trench but a bit more casual. On a scale of 1 to 10 I give it a 9, it’s simple yet fashionable and comfortable.



The jegging’s are also from Torrid and came in a wide variety of colours, lengths and sizes. They’re very comfy and stretch with wear. I chose a size smaller because I could tell they would stretch out, sure enough they did. I chose the regular length in size 20, they stop just above my ankles, the tall or extra tall would be ankle length or longer.



The day these photos were taken was great, it actually felt like spring had arrived but that soon ended, the rain started again the next day and hasn’t stop much since, luckily I’ve got a new spring coat to keep me feeling fresh and dry ☔️