Francesca's Style

Monday…nothing a new outfit can’t fix!

Mondays…ugghh! They are long, tedious, and downright suck, unless it’s a holiday or a payday then they aren’t so bad, but they still kinda suck. My cure for the Monday blues? A new outfit!



I went to The Bay this past weekend to check out some of the sales and found this fabulous Dex Plus Sleeveless Flyaway Jacket in beige…I know what you’re thinking, “it’s looks green”, well your right, it does look green, so if you decide to search for it on the website you’ll find it labeled as beige. ¬†Nevertheless, it’s still a fabulous piece and is currently on sale. I’m wearing a size 3x and find it to be a size too big, the arm holes are large and the drawstring is long, going down a size probably wouldn’t hurt because it is very roomy.



The leggings are from Forever21 and feature faux leather detail.



I really like these wedge heels, I found them at Walmart for only $15 on clearance, I don’t usually buy shoes from Walmart because I find that they don’t last very long but for $15 I decided to make an exception.




Yes Mondays may suck but at least my outfit doesn’t 😘

Photos captured by Jon Pernul