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What the F*

I recently saw the latest Addition Elle commercial where Ashley Graham opens with a sarcastic sneer saying “F*ck this” and I honestly admit, I could not look away! The commercial immediately captured my attention, it was edgy, flirty, and down right, well…accurate! Seriously, who doesn’t have a “f*ck this” moment every now and then, I know I have one of these moments at least once a day, usually when my curly hair frizzes up and doesn’t want to cooperate with my attempts to tame it, I end my attempt by saying “f*ck this…I still look good!”.

The message, in my opinion, was intended to provoke our unapologetic diva self to not fear the inner fashionista that lives in us, no matter our size. Be fearless, be bold, don’t hold back and join the fashion democracy to bring plus size fashion into the spotlight! That’s how I viewed it 👍

Recently I stopped by my local Addition Elle for some retail therapy and the first thing I saw was the What the F* t-shirt and I thought “F*ck yeah! This shirt speaks on so many levels” 😜



This T-shirt was a steal at $30, I almost bought two! The length is perfect, the fabric is a super soft viscose elastane and I’m wearing a 2x,  it will surely loosen up a bit with wear, as most t-shirts do, but proper care may lengthen the life of such a fabulous statement piece.



I wanted to keep my outfit casual and comfy so I decided on my new lace print leggings also from Addition Elle. These leggings give so much stretch that I almost live in them! They are so comfortable! I’m wearing a 2x but could have easily gone down a size. My wallet wristlet was purchased from Michael Kors a few years ago, leopard print is my fave!



Profanity asside, I’m in love with fashion, my look and the Addition Elle commercial has inspired me to share that I shouldn’t compromise myself for anyone that doesn’t appreciate me! Until next time lovely followers 😘

Photos captured by Jon Pernul