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Make a wish, take a chance, make a change

Make a wish…..I’m always doing that, take a chance…..again, I’m always doing that :P, make a change…..well I usually do that, but only after something happens, in my case nothing really happened, I just decided I wanted a change 🙂

So far this month I have been very busy! I recently decided that I wanted a change from my current life here in Calgary and fixed my sites on Vancouver BC.  I love everything about Vancouver, the ocean, the mountains, the people, the weather (yes I love the rain!) and the endless possibilities! My partner and I recently visited the Vancouver area to secure a new home and we couldn’t be more excited to get settled come the new year.

These past few weeks have been spent organizing, packing, and even stressing over the move that I’ve neglected my website, but I was determined to get a quick post out before Christmas and the big move!

For this post I decided to share my thoughts on a few items I recently purchased at Penningtons.


Melissa McCarthy, we all love her! She is funny, fearless, and until recently, a fashion designer! When I heard she was coming out with a clothing line and that it would be sold at one of my favourite clothing stores I got very excited! A few days after the release of the line I visited my local Penningtons and couldn’t resist these super comfy Melissa McCarthy Black Jogger pants.  They feature a drawstring elastic waist with zipper pockets and ankle elastic cuffs. The pants are made of a medium to heavy type stretchy fabric which is great for cooler months. I am wearing a size 1x and I find they are true to fit.


My white blouse is also from Penningtons, this blouse features a front zipper, is long sleeved and has button detail to roll up and secure the cuffs at the elbow.  I’ve always had a hard time finding a great white blouse but Penningtons has always been my go-to store for blouses, they are always a great fit! I am wearing a size 1x and the fit is perfect, I don’t like a tight fit but if I wanted a tight fit then I could have easily gone down a size, however, the material is not stretchy so movement may be limited around the upper arms if I had gone down a size.


My bag is Coach, I purchased it a few years ago in Las Vegas at the Premium Outlet mall, the colour is pink but kinda looks almost purple in these photos, must be the lighting, but it still looks cute 🙂


My necklace is also from Penningtons, another clearance fashion find that I couldn’t resist buying….what can I say, I’m a sucker for the clearance jewelry bin!



The day I had these photos done was a gloomy day, the weather outside wasn’t great so my photographer and I ventured inside to Devonian Gardens located inside CORE Shopping Centre in downtown Calgary.  There were a lot of people around, as there usually is, and having photos taken in front of all those people was a little scary but it was nice being in an indoor park with beautiful water features all around.

If you haven’t visited Devonian Gardens, then do it! If you haven’t found the perfect fit blouse, then visit Penningtons….take a chance and make a change, it’ll do you good 🙂