Featured Friends

Meet Lynne, a great friend with a great smile!

Meet Lynne, a good friend with a great spirit who is one smart cookie and one of my closest friend’s and confidant.  Lynne and I met in College long ago and have maintained a close friendship for years.  We’ve spent many evenings watching movies, shared cooking ideas, laughing about guys we’ve dated, and of course, shopped! Lynne and I LOOOVVVVEEEE to shop, who doesn’t?

The day we had these photos taken was bright and the weather was mild, mild enough that we didn’t need to worry about cold weather ruining our fun! We were very happy with how the session went, we had fun, had a good laugh with the photographer and finished the day with a cheeseburger and fries….yummm!

Now onto the interview, meet my favourite friend….Lynne 🙂

Tell me about the outfit you chose for this post

I wanted to choose something that was comfortable but bright at the same time so I chose the gold two tone sequin top that I bought from Penningtons. I specifically chose this top because it is something that I would not normally wear and it also expresses the inner sparkle within me. The pants are the Emma black curvy pant from Addition Elle, I own the Emma shaped and the Emma curvy and find that they both fit my body type perfectly. My style has evolved, I do wear more bold statement pieces than I did in the past.


Describe your wardrobe choices when you were younger

When I was a teenager I wore a lot jeans, specifically Blue Notes boot-cut jeans because I could wear my chunky, lace-up boots with them.  With the boot cut jeans I wore a lot t-shirts and sweatshirts from Guess, Gap, and United Colors of Benetton, but when I reached my twenties I got my first office job and needed to stop wearing boot-cut jeans and t-shirts (like I did in university…hehe) so I needed to change my wardrobe and decided to incorporate more office attire which included a lot of black pieces with a pop of colour.


If you could tell your younger self something about fashion what would it be?

Be bold, be daring, be uniquely you. Don’t ask for advice, wear what sparks a sense of joy. I would tell my younger self to stop buying cheap purses and just invest in a good one. I was addicted to going to Winners every Friday night after work and I always seemed to find more purses than I did clothes! Now I no longer visit Winners for my purse choices, I developed a love for high end brand name purses such as Tory Burch and Michael Kors…my Christmas wish is to own the Balenciaga Classic Metallic Edge Mini City Handbag in blue/black.


How did your style evolve?

I stopped caring what other people thought and cared more about what I wanted. Since I am thrifty, I especially like to hunt for deals and take advantage of coupons and discounts of all sorts. I went from being casual to more dressier and am still learning to incorporate more texture and patterns into my wardrobe, I need to stop gravitating to the discount rack and try pieces that are out of the norm and break out of my shell.


If you could raid someone’s closet whose would it be and why?

I wouldn’t raid anyone’s closet – I would enjoy the opportunity to raid a few stores though! If I had the chance to raid a store it would be Addition Elle, Lane Bryant, Penningtons, and Sephora for make-up because I love it!


Where do you like to shop for clothing?

My favourite clothing stores are Addition Elle and, surprise surprise, Penningtons. I also have found great suit jackets, dressy tops, jeans and work type pants in the US at Dressbarn and Lane Bryant. I like Dressbarn because they have quality pieces made with great fabric that last a long time. I can’t wait to go shopping in the US come this holiday season. In the new year I hope to find more cute shoes to jazz up my outfits because I always choose a plain black shoe and want to have more options.


And finally, what do you think of Francesca’s Fearless Fashion?

For me, the name resonates deeply, be fearless in fashion and in life.


Thanks Lynne! I’m going to miss you after I move!