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These boots are made for walkin’

How can anyone resist the urge to sing the song so famously sang by Nancy Sinatra….“These boots are made for walkin’ and that’s just what they’ll do, one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you!”.

When I chose the outfit for the post I wasn’t even thinking about the song, nor had I thought about it for quite some time, but when the photos came back and I saw how fabulous the boots looked I immediately started singing the song to myself as if I was Nancy Sinatra strutting in that black blingy dress and black leather boots :P.  The song came out long before my time but no matter how old you are I think most people are familiar with the lyrics and can relate to it in some form or another 🙂

The day I had these photo’s taken was bright, glorious, and the temperature was perfect! For this photo session I chose the Rundle Ruins located at 12th ave and 6th street in SE Calgary.  The story behind these sandstone ruins is that it’s what’s left of Calgary’s second hospital built in 1894. The hospital was built using romanesque designs and was considered the first “real” modern hospital of its time.  It’s a nice place for photos, the round arch in this first photo is what used to be the front entrance viewed from the inside….beautiful eh?


For this outfit I chose my favourite boots, the Riley over-the-knee leather flat boots by Chinese Laundry. I bought these boots from Little Burgundy last year and they haven’t worn out yet. These boots have a stretchy back making it a super comfy fit. They are not a wide fit but the upper opening fits the 17.5 inch circumference of my mid thigh perfectly. When I first bought them they felt a bit snug around my calf and were a bit challenging to pull up my leg but I knew that with a little wear the soft leather would loosen enough to fit better…sure enough they are now the perfect fit! Sadly Little Burgundy doesn’t sell them anymore, however you can find them on the Chinese Laundry website, although I wasn’t able to determine if they ship to Canada, the link for international shipping seems to be a dead link. But if your in the states they’re definitely worth checking out.



The dress is from Rebdolls….need I say more? Rebdolls is my go-to online boutique for dresses.  This Rebdolls “With My Woes” Long Sleeve Swing Dress in black is flattering and makes me feel sexy. The dress comes in a variety of colours including red, burgundy, nude and my personal favourite…black.  I am wearing a size 2x but can easily wear a size 1x.  It is a bit roomy all the way through and because it is made of cotton it will easily stretch and may lose its shape.  It’s also worthy to note that because it is cotton it will shrink if dried in the dryer which may make it too short! Laying it flat on a big towel, after washing, is the best way to dry it.


This coat is by Penningtons and has become my new favourite coat! It is roomy, comfy and makes me feel  fancy :). I receive a lot of compliments when I wear this coat and even had someone ask me where I got it from while waiting for my Soy Vanilla Latte at Starbucks. This faux fur coat from Penningtons is lined, has pockets, a collar and is super soft. I am wearing a 1x and it fits wonderfully. I highly recommend this coat if your going for the faux fur look because it goes with everything, I can’t wait to share how it looks with skinny jeans!




The purse I chose is none other than Micheal Kors, what can I say? I love Michael Kors! This hot pink cross-body purse is the perfect size for light duty errands, afternoon shopping at the mall or in this example, during an afternoon photo session as a pop of colour additive to contrast the black clothing.



My accessories include the black and gold beaded necklace that I found at The Bay for only $20 and my super long nails appropriately painted hot pink to match my purse. I am also wearing a fabulous diamond ring that my mother got me from Peoples Jewellers and another simple gold ring from Michaels. I love these statement pieces, they really bring the whole look together.



I’m very pleased with how this photo session turned out, the setting was beautiful, the weather was great and the look was perfect. If your ever in this area then you must stop by for a quick photo or to just bask in the beauty and history of the ruins.