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Self confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it!

Calgary, also known as Cow town, has been my home for almost a year now and I can’t get over how fast this year had gone by! I don’t even know where the summer went!

Calgary is big, widely spread out and very windy! The downtown core doesn’t seem as busy as other major cities in Canada so having photos taken on a Sunday afternoon wasn’t as frightening as it would have been in a congested city core.

I’m happy to report that the snow hasn’t quite taken over the city…yet, and the temperature hasn’t dropped too far, but we are seeing…which I’ve learned is common around these parts…is a major fluctuation in temperatures that start out at -10 CELSIUS in the morning hours then quickly rise to +10 by late afternoon!

I really wanted to capture a city street feeling for this post so my photographer and I decided to head down to Olympic Plaza in downtown Calgary.  This particular afternoon was chilly, damp, and cloudy.  The pictures didn’t quite come out as planned but we kept our spirits up, our attitude positive and exchanged some humorous stories to keep the “spirit of photography” alive!

For this post I chose my leopard print body con dress that I purchased from ASOS Curve a few years ago.  When I bought this dress I thought “Dang, I will rock that dress at some fabulous get together with friends or a night out with my girlfriends” but when the dress arrived I was not as satisfied with how it looked on my body and started comparing myself to the model that wore it on the website.  I was disappointed…..hugely disappointed. I thought I looked frumpy, had too much bulge around my tummy area and felt too big and disgusted to even be seen wearing it.  It made me sad.  But I was still in love with it, it was pretty, flirty, sexy and I wasn’t about to let it go, not yet.  I decided to hold onto it….just in case I lose some weight. Well, that was three years ago, when I was unhappy with myself and didn’t feel confident with my appearance.  Now, three years later, I haven’t lost much weight but I have lost a lot insecurities, gained more confidence, accepted my body the way it is and learned that I am beautiful just the way I am!

A few days before my shoot I had my outfit all planned out, the shoes selected and the location scoped out, but then I did some closet cleaning and came across this leopard print dress that I hadn’t even worn yet. I thought “what the heck, I’ll try it, just to see how I feel in it”.  I was pleasantly surprised….I felt awesome! It was curve hugging, flattering, and sexy chic! I decided to go with it 🙂


Like most ASOS Curve dresses, the fit is true to size. I normally wear a size 18/20 but this dress is a 22.  Because it’s made of 96% Viscose and 4% elastane it is stretchy enough that you could go down a size. This dress was a few sizes too big on me so therefore the bottom was loose around my legs but it still looked good!

IMG_1853 (1)

I went with my Addition Elle Asymmetric Trench coat.  The coat was purchased last spring and is my favourite trench! The trench is lightweight, has side pockets and great for not-so-cold weather.  Mine is a size 20 and is roomy around the waist.


For the shoes I chose my favourite booties from Payless. They are super comfy, stretchy, and are a regular width.



Despite the gloomy weather I still had a great time! It was nice to be downtown posing in front of the skating rink while onlookers watched and paid compliments…it empowered me, gave me confidence and made me feel like Superwoman….with just a few extra curves 😉

Photo credit: DreamStrong Photography