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A Mother is a girl’s best friend!

My Mom, she is my best friend, my strongest supporter, and my biggest fan :P.  I chose my Mom to be my first Featured Friend because she has been a huge influence on my life. I’ve witnessed it all with her, the struggles, the pain, the laughter, the proud moments, and most importantly her courage through it all. Life was tough growing up but we got through the tough times together and reclaimed our strength and happiness as a team! I’m proud of my mom and am more than happy that she accepted my invitation to be my first Featured Friend!

My Mom’s style in the 80’s was, in my opinion, AWESOME! I love the big hair, the graphic tees and the tight jeans.  My mom was beautiful, and still is! I remember looking through her albums and stopping to stare at the Donna Summer Bad Girls album cover and thinking “Wow, Mom really looks like Donna Summer!”.  The resemblance in the face was noticeable enough that I had to search for more Donna Summer albums to compare the look. As far as I can remember my mom always liked darker clothes, perhaps that’s why I developed a fondness for black and burgundy clothing, whatever it was she was a big influence and I loved her style!

So without further introduction, here is my first interview with my mom!

Tell me about the outfit you chose for this post. 

I love red. Always have, and feel it’s one of the colours that best complements my skin tone and dark hair. I consider myself to be a Winter on the colour palette and strive to select my wardrobe accordingly. In my opinion, red and black always creates a striking contrast. I was on vacation in Calgary during October and chose this outfit because it’s casual, comfortable, and perfectly embodies my current style. The black pants are from Torrid, a simple straight cut that I paired with the heeled booties in faux suede from Payless. The red top is from a little shop at one of the Premium Outlet malls in Las Vegas, whose name escapes me now. It could be Bebe or Rue 21. Regardless, the top was one of those magical finds that just STRIKE, scream your name, and leap off the rack, begging to be tried on. It was at the rear of the store in the Clearance section and there was just one left in my size so I absolutely knew it was meant for me. Besides the colour, the material is soft, flows easily, and the zippered front is a nice detail. The black jacket is a double breasted short trench with belt from the Ivanka Trump collection that I found at Winners.

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Describe your wardrobe choices when you were younger.

When I was a girl we lived in the country, with limited access to tv and infrequent visits to the closest town. I had no concept of fashion, but I did know that my favourite colour was red. My earliest exposure to fashion was flipping through the pages of the Eatons and Sears catalogues. I’d beg Mom to buy an outfit that looked cute on the model but when it arrived I’d seldom wear it, a purchasing pattern that continued into adulthood. As a teenager, I was very self conscious of being knock-kneed and refused to wear dresses or skirts. Unfortunately, I went to a private school where the dress code forced us to wear skirts. It was the 1970’s and the style was short, so there was no hiding my deformed legs (in my opinion). My low self esteem and poor body image was very apparent in my clothing choices, being mostly baggy jeans and t-shirts.



If you could tell your younger self something about fashion what would it be? 

What I might say to my younger self about fashion is this… “If you must lie flat on your back to do up the zipper, then those jeans are probably too tight to wear”…. “Aren’t you hot in that black leather jacket when it’s 25C in the afternoon sun?”…. “You know, there are nicer places to shop besides Zellers”. I drove a black Trans Am (with t-tops!) in the 1980’s, I attended Rolling Stones, ZZ Top, Led Zeppelin, and U2 concerts, and my style reflected that.


How did your style evolve?

Hahaha, I went to my first real job interview wearing a frilly white blouse and tight red jeans, the same as I’d wear to a bar. It was 1980 and I was totally clueless about dressing appropriately for the workplace. Despite that, I did get the job and I think my supervisor was dropping a major hint when she gave me a $150 advance on my first day of work! My workplace wardrobe definitely improved to include dress pants and blazers but aside from work, throughout my twenties, thirties, and even into my forties my style could basically be referred to as a “uniform”…. blue jeans, top, and black leather jacket, emphasis on black, or dark clothing. The style, and sometimes colour, of the top would change but never the jeans and jacket, that I would always wear with major heels. I’m a recent convert to style and fashion, in the sense that I’ve stepped way beyond that comfort zone from the past and love to experiment with style to discover what is most flattering, incorporating items with colour and shape into my closet.


If you could raid someone’s closet whose closet would it be and why? 

If I had to choose someone who’s style I’d duplicate, I’d have to refer to one of my favourite shows, and throw in a selection of Charlotte’s wardrobe from Sex and the City, with a sampling of Miranda’s power suits and just a hint of Samantha and Carrie’s more conservative fun and colourful pieces. Plus some of my concert t-shirts that I don’t mind wearing under my tailored trench coat, as a random statement of expression…”Bitch, I’m Madonna” style, because I can ;P

Where do you like to shop?

My primary choices are Torrid for clothes, Coach for handbags, and DSW for footwear, but really I’m like every other woman and can spend hours roaming the mall knowing EXACTLY what I’m looking for and not settling until I find it. When entering a store I will first head to the Clearance section but if I see something spectacular that’s regularly priced I’ll try it on and not hesitate to buy it if I MUST have it.

And finally, what do you think of Francesca’s Fearless Fashion?

The website, Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter accounts are FABULOUS! You are beautiful, exuding radiance and confidence. Of course this is your mother speaking, but it’s true! I’m very proud of this venture you’ve started, and I know it will continue to grow.

Awwweeee….thanks Mom! 🙂

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