Francesca's Style

“When in doubt, wear red”

Red, the colour that represents love, romance, strength, courage, radiance, passion, and a deep pinot noir ūüėõ

I love red clothing, especially red dresses, the colour screams excitement and provocativeness. ¬†When I think of red dresses I remember a scene from the movie Working Girl starring Melanie Griffith and Sigourney Weaver. Sigourney’s character, Katherine Parker, was wearing a red midi length, long sleeved, V neck dress, she was holding a cocktail in one hand and resting the other hand on her hip while confidently speaking to a group of people that had surrounded her with her witty charm and humour while Melanie Griffith’s character, Tess McGill, was pushing the steaming dim sum cart around the room trying to dab away the sweat from her forehead. ¬†Sigourney’s outfit¬†stood out¬†while¬†Melanie’s outfit blended in with the crowd, this got me thinking “hmmmm, wearing red really does make a statement! Tess¬†should’ve worn a different colour and skipped the dim sum suggestion!” ¬†It was a fashion lesson learned and even though I was very young I still understood the subliminal message of a fashion do and don’t.

That movie has always been a personal favourite of mine, the strong female character lead that is Tess and how she fought her way past a pretentious corporate tart who was trying to steal her idea by breaking the “rules” to gain the status that she deserves all while meeting a caring loving guy along the way. ¬†The entire movie screams 80’s culture with it’s Jersey accents, big hair, and excessive use of blush, but my favourite part was when Joan Cusack’s character expressed her shock after seeing the price tag on one of Katherine’s dresses then saying (in a Jersey accent of course)¬†“Six Thousand Dollahs? But it’s not even lethah!”

Now for my fashion statement, the red pants!  I swear, every time I wear these pants I always receive compliments on the colour, they are just that vibrant!


These slacks (as my Grandmother always called them), were purchased from Torrid a few years ago. ¬†I only wear these pants once or twice a month and only during warmer seasons to help maintain the colour and shape. ¬†The pants are made of a stretchy fabric which makes it okay to go down a size if you are looking for a super tight look, however, if you do go down a size the stretching will cause all those tiny elastic fibers to split and they will end up poking out of the fabric in unflattering places, believe me, it’s happened to me more than once!


The shirt is a basic black scoop neck top made of a knit fabric purchased from Addition Elle. ¬†I really like this top because of the length, it’s long, flattering and rests on the upper body nicely. I find it so difficult to find basic tops that are long enough but when I discovered these tops I had to get them in every colour.


The¬†ankle booties have 3 buttons, although you can’t really see the buttons in these pictures, and a little bit a platform lift to it. ¬†I recently purchased these booties from Payless and ended up going down a size because I found that they were a bit big for my feet. ¬†I usually wear a size 10 women’s regular but ended up going with the 9’s. ¬†Super cute huh?


I ended up throwing my hair into a loose bun, I admit it, I was lazy and didn’t feel like doing anything to my hair, but once I wrapped my neck with that warm plaid scarf I didn’t feel so shabby anymore and ended up feeling very chic!


My makeup look was light.  I applied a tinted moisturizer, a bit of liner, some lashes, and a little bit of rouge on the lips. For the accessories I chose leopard print earrings to match my leopard print Michael Kors purse and a warm plaid scarf that I purchased at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul last year.

The morning I chose this oufitt I was standing in front of my clothing rack thinking “what the heck am I going to wear today?” I ended up pulling out the basic black top from my over stuffed clothing rack then examined each pair of pants and started debating on whether I should wear the dark blue jeans or the light blue jeans. ¬†As I was debating between the jeans I noticed my red slacks and instantly remembered a quote by Bill Blass and couldn’t resist the urge to say it out loud to myself …. “When in doubt, wear red”.

Photo credit: Dewcat Photography